Working Lamps

Workinglamps, spotlights and handlamps

Our range of work lights includes a wide variety of products for illuminating construction sites both inside and outside.

The latest product in this product group is our LED CUBE, which we presented to the trade public for the first time at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne in March 2014.
Our LED CUBE is characterised by low energy consumption and maximum light output.
The shape of the housing is also something very special:
each side of the housing has a different angle of inclination, so that a different lighting angle can be achieved on each installation side.
The HEDI LED CUBE is available as a standard version with an additional emergency lighting function and, since 2017, also as a fully rechargeable battery version.
Further information about our LED CUBE can be found here.

Our LED CUBE as well as our conventional HEDI Light work lights are designed for targeted workplace lighting. They are particularly suitable for painting, tiling, plastering and other interior finishing work for even flat and low-shadow light work.

The HEDI-Light-Kompakt work light is particularly suitable for illuminating rooms, corridors and stairwells in shell structures.

The range is rounded off by various halogen and LED spotlights, rod lights, basket lights and some LED hand lights.

  • HEDI working lamp
  • LED search lights
  • working lamp HEDI LEDCUBE
  • hand lamps
  • working lamp HEDI-Light-Kompakt
  • halogen search lights
  • working lamp HEDI LEDCUBE
  • working lamp HEDI LEDCUBE

New: socket distributor with light function:


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Working lamps


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