Extension Cables

The right cable for all application areas: From private
use in dry environment to more difficult use on building

We can also supply these with assembled fault current
safety devices for your better protection.
For instance, the PRCD-S is a mobile person protecting
device to be installed into electric power supply
cable. It detects occurring fault currents and then
interrupts the electric current within the shortest time.
The PRCD-S can be installed into machine connecting
cables, extension cables and cable reels.

Special cables, like the HEDI SpiralPlus allow easy and
quick work without stumbling traps, as the spiralled
cable with a basic length of one metre can easily be
extended to a working length of five metres.

Extension cords for highest requirements in AC and
3-phase current design can be supplied with the HEDI
armoured cable and the armoured cable PLUS.

We supply our most popular cables also as piece
goods for your own assembly.
The length can in this case be freely selected and
cutting-off is of course free of charges.

  • HEDI extension cables one-phase AC version - Cable for every use
  • HEDI extension cables 3-phase AC version - High quality and durable
  • Protective devices with or without extension cables - for your safety
  • HEDI extension cables 3-phase AC version - High quality and durable

The following catalog pages are available for download:

Extension cables 250 V

Extension cables 400 V and compressed-air hose extensions

HEDI Spiral Plus

- HEDI Spiral Plus - 162 kB

HEDI machine and connecting cables

Extension cables with protective devices

Cut goods