Foundation of the company by Helmut Diebolder in Osterberg.
Range of activity: job order and production of machine controls

Transformation of the company into an electrical installation company with approximately 20 employees.

Helmut Diebolder develops a cable reel as the first manufactured product.
The international patented construction enjoy of such a large demand that the old premises for production aren't sufficient any longer.
The production and storage space are trebled.

HEDI GmbH was established in October of this year (the name “HEDI” comes from the first letters of the company founder HElmut DIebolder).

A modern industrial company is built at the new commercial area in the neighbouring Babenhausen, after it make no sense to expand the production location in Osterberg.

A new cable reel developed by HEDI receives the test note “good” as only from 16 evaluated products from the donation goods test.
The enterprise HEDI employs meanwhile 60 employees.
The free manufacturing areas at the location Osterberg are used to establish the new 2nd main pillar, the assembly of cables. There are produced cable harnesses and electrical devices for industrial customers.

A modification and a move of the department assembly of cables to the location Babenhausen is necessary, because the division increased so much.
The manufacturing area Osterberg results as manufacturing of small series and custom-made-products as well as for the construction of the manufacturing of new products.

The production program is expanded on plastic socket distributors and industry cable reels.

Robert Diebolder is appointed managing director and at the same time he becomes a shareholder.

The enterprise in Babenhausen has to be extended by a further production hall due to the large demand for cable reels.
The enterprise employs now almost 80 employees.

Our quality management system rolled out in conformity with ISO 9001 including ISO certificate.

For the production of the new developed cable reels StarLite, Primus and Professional is built a further production hall in Babenhausen.
The manufacturing of the new cable reels is made of a highly automated production line.

Further expansion of the manufacturing areas in the division assembly of cables after the redecoration and modification of the older manufacturing halls on the location Babenhausen.
The production location in Osterberg is closed.

The company founder Helmut Diebolder leaves the management at the turn of the year 2006/2007, although he continues to have a close relationship with the company as a shareholder and advisor. The company is then managed by the sole managing director Robert Diebolder.

Rolling out of the new “e.STATION” and “m.STATION” socket distributor series.
The production hall for ready-made cables and certain areas of the warehouse are totally refurbished.