Working Lamps

Our assortment of working lamps includes the most diverse products for illuminating of building sites inside and outside.

The working lamps HEDI-Light and LED Cube are developed for selective workplace illumination. They are particularly suitable for painter and tiler work, due to the soft and shade-poor light.

The HEDI-Light-Kompakt is ideal for the illumination of rooms, corridors and staircases in shells.

The assortment is completed by various halogen searchlights, torch lamps, basket lamps and a LED working lamp with rechargeable battery.

  • LED search lights
  • working lamps HEDI LED Cube
  • hand lamps
  • working lamp HEDI-Light-Kompakt
  • working lamp HEDI-Light
  • halogen search lights
  • working lamps HEDI LED Cube
  • working lamps HEDI LED Cube

The following catalog pages are available for download: